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    Display or edit announcements, news and other information.

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    Different data files and file types can be provided for download. This downloads can be categorized in folders with different access permission levels.

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    E-mails can be sent to different roles like groups, courses or departments.

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    Pictures of events can be uploaded and displayed. Pictures can be organized in albums which can be interlinked.

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    Guests and users are able to leave greetings and comments, and can annotate other’s entries.

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  • You are able to create and edit events here. Users can register for this events.

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    Create and organize by categories interesting hyperlinks.

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  • Membership managementMembership management
  • AnnouncementsAnnouncements
  • DownloadsDownloads
  • E-mailE-mail
  • PhotosPhotos
  • GuestbookGuestbook
  • EventsEvents
  • Web linksWeb links